30 year old snowbird

Not a fan of winter.

The snow is very beautiful! I’ve always enjoyed the way it looks after it’s just fallen, before people go out and mar it’s purity. How it looks on the naked tree branches, the trees blanketed in white like a winter wonderland. How it’s festive and signals a very celebratory time of year that causes us to (rightfully) reflect on family and salvation. I can draw parellels to its pristine color, how it’s falling makes things new and perfect, and forgiveness and covering of sin.

But I still hate the snow and winter.

Being cold, idiot drivers and the inherent dangers of driving, being cold, frozen pipes, having to head to work when everyone else gets the day off because you’re essential, and being cold.

One of the first things I promised myself when I started traveling a year and a half ago is that the moment winter hit I was heading to California. I knew I’d spent my spring, summer, fall on the east coast, but New Years I was heading west.

Traveling is a tricky thing where you’re a single female. I’d have people to help if I stayed on the east coast, but going out west meant truly traveling alone.

I want to be warm! I’ll settle if it means I’m in a light jacket in February.

California is a different world! I was in the Monterey/Salinas area last year, approximately an hour and 45 minutes south of San Francisco. It was lovely being there and working with a different type of people. I also chortled knowing it was feet of snow back home and in the mid/high 50s-70s where I was. Bahahahaha! ğŸ˜Ž

I also learned how to live, travel, and be alone.

Contrary to what people may know about me, I don’t make friends easily. I tend to stick close to those I’ve established lifelong friendships with because developing friendships is almost as bad as dating (ugh). I just don’t travel alone though. I like having someone to help make decisions.

I liked being brave enough to drive out there, go out to eat, and sightsee alone. It made me think more and examine myself. It was fun and freeing.

And because my distaste of snow remains, I’ll be heading back to the sunshine state again this winter. I’m done in lovely Nantucket in December, off for Christmas, and then hello sunshine. Looking forward to being in a new place as always.

Happy traveling


Traveling, too? Comment away

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