Earth to parent. Come in parent

I have an… Interesting name

Canea, pronounced Ca-Knee-Ah.

My mother claims to have made it up so as far as I know it has no meaning. The nearest I’ve seen to it is the fact that it’s a port city in Greece.

My name is exotic, pretty, and extremely difficult for other people to pronounce. I autocorrect people when they go to say it, it’s second nature to me anymore. I’m actually surprised when someone says it correctly.

The funny thing is my siblings all have normal names.

Older sister: April
Younger brother: Michael

I’ve gone by my nickname C.C. For as long as I can remember. I introduce myself as CC to save everyone the trouble. Please, it’s my initials. No CiCi or CeeCee.

Having a unique name and working in labor and delivery makes me super sensitive (okay, critical) of the names people give their children.

I confess to having to bite my tongue when parents tell me what names they’re considering.

“Remus? Oh, that’s… Very strong.”

Please, parent, I beg you. Don’t give your child a difficult to spell or pronounce name simply because you want something different. It’s embarrassing to your kid who has to grow up Kymbeerley or some other equally ridiculous name because you had to do it differently.

Every child wants to be normal. A crazy spelled, difficult to pronounce name doesn’t make them special, it makes people question what drugs their parents were on when they picked it.

Stop the insanity. Ashley is a perfectly good name. Too plain? Go with Ezra or Rachael or Tabitha or something that isn’t going to make their name being called at the DMV uncomfortable

Do your child a service and keep it simple. Go crazy on the middle name, but for heavens sake don’t name them something stupid.

Your child will thank you later. I’ll thank you now.

Canea Chantel Carothers, signing out.


2 thoughts on “Earth to parent. Come in parent

  1. Dear CC, Momma Duck, Canea,
    I hate that your experience with your name has left a somewhat negative taste in your mouth. I do however appreciate your vigilance in wanting to protect future generations of crazy spellings and names. I have always loved the name Canea since I first learned your true name. I surprisingly find “made up” names easier to figure out than “established” names with unique spellings.
    Anyway, here’s to you, a beautiful woman with a beautiful name.
    -Darla, Darlin’, Darlene…no
    Darlie, sounds like Charlie with a D guys. :o)


    • Hey Darlie (Sounds like Charlie with a D) thanks for stopping in! I’m a nurse, here to protect the defenseless children who can’t slap their parents for naming them awful things. Remember the children, Fay


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