Dating and the Travel RN

I’m fairly new to dating. There just haven’t been many opportunities and I’m not good at navigating the dating waters anyway. Too trusting, some bad baggage on my part, and guys who will take advantage given the chance.

I actually didn’t really start dating until I took my first travel position in Boston.

Oh, Boston. That city holds such a special place in my heart. And not just because there’s a wealth of outstanding, intelligent, and attractive men there!

Anyway, traveling as much as I do, ie; moving to a new place every 3-6 months, makes dating significantly harder on me.

I don’t have time to hit the club scene and I don’t particularly like going out alone. That leaves finding someone online which has its own set of issues to navigate.

So what’s a poor, single, traveling RN to do?

Good question!

I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’m actually more okay with being single now than I was in high school or college. I’m still pretty young and dating isn’t all that fun sometimes. There are moments where I wish courting was still a things, but alas it’s not.

No big! Traveling calls me so I’ll keep at it until someone catches my eye.

Until then.

Travel on, road warrior!


Traveling, too? Comment away

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