So you want to be a travel nurse?

Nursing is about caring

Travel nursing is about rolling with the punches. Or not caring so you can still care. Something like that.

In a profession that changes every 3 months, you’ve got to be able to adapt quickly. A new hospital, new computer system, new coworkers/doctors/issues, new area to live in. If you can’t handle change, this isn’t the field for you.

You’ve been a nurse for a while, but your preceptor forgets that and treats you like a new grad who doesn’t know anything about nursing. You gotta smile and nod, telling them you already know that repeatedly.

They do some weird practice where they still paper chart or they put a cytotec in and discharge the patient after an hour. You have to be able to ask why they do that and then do it (as long as it isn’t out of your scope of practice).

Nursing is already full of pitfalls and travel nursing can be tricky if you’re set in your ways.

But the pluses? Oh, the pluses. Seeing an area you’ve never seen, developing a skill you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, working at a prestigious hospital, and discovering you’re a darn good nurse!

Oh and no hospital politics. You are only there for 3 months, folks. And that is glorious.

Travel on, road warrior.


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