Recognizing Service

I’ll keep this brief simply because there are those who do a better job of saying thank you. I’m not nearly as eloquent, you see.

What I do want to say is it’s important to recognize those who serve and ultimately sacrifice some part of themselves for the greater good. Not just on a single day of the year, but all the time.

We can be self-centered until something big reminds us of our frailty, our humanity. The death of a loved one, sickness, a significant loss. We aren’t aware until we are made aware.

There are those who work behind the scenes keeping us safe and healthy. Thank them.

Send a care package to a service person
Thank a police officer
Offer a smile to your nurse

Sacrifice and remembrance. Two things we need not forget. Because someone has to give up their life or their time for the freedoms you have in yours.

Let’s not forget that.

Travel on, road warrior.


Traveling, too? Comment away

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