Resources! Get ya Resources

A year and a half in and I’m still learning ways to make not only my practice better, but this traveling gig better, too.

When I first started, I didn’t know anything about completion bonuses, bill rates, fair overtime rates, or asking for the things I needed in my contract.

As I said, I’m still learning. Joining the right sites and speaking to other travelers has been an education for me.

There are resources available to help you navigate the treacherous waters. Yes, treacherous. Because this is a business and you are your best advocate. It’s wise to ask the right questions, but it helps to know where to go.

Here are a few sites I’ve collected that have become extremely valuable.

Pantravelers is heavy with any type of resource information you may need. It’s on my list of organizations I need to join as a traveler and would encourage you to do so as well

Gypsy nurse has a website of information and Facebook groups that have been valuable. I love the groups because you can ask about a hospital or company and another nurse can give lived experience/information about it.

Hourly paycheck calculator. I just discovered this! Tells you what your weekly check will be after taxes. Glory.

US News has information on hospital rankings and statistics. Want data on births a year or outpatient services? This is your place.

Some simple non-contract things I love?

*Yelp: food reviews in the area you’re traveling to
*Google Earth: to see where you’ll be
*FastScanner: makes PDF docs of forms you’ll need to send your recruiter
*Starbucks app: because caffeine
*Living Social/Groupon: for things to do or good deals
*Amazon: Prime Pantry for cheap shipping on non perishable foods

Not exhaustive, but a start! You’re a traveler semi-prepared now. Go forth, my little blossom. 😅😷

Travel on, road warrior.


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