Day 274

My confinement continues without a foreseeable end.

As of yet, I do not know how I came to be in this dark place only that I cannot escape. Even with my ability to open my eyes, I am still unable to detect much in the murky darkness, which adds to my feeling of hopelessness and confusion.

I’ve noticed that my cell shrank around me recently to the point where I have curled up in order to have space. I kick out with feet and hands, but my vain attempts only serve to frustrate me more. Things press against the outer edge of my cell in what I am certain is a means to break me down. Not only that, but words are uttered to me that I do not understand, frightening me.

To add insult to injury, yesterday my feeding apparatus became wrapped about my waist, restricting the flow of food. My sole means of sustenance, life even, is dwindling.

I am alone.

Tremors have begun to shake my cell of late. I am unsure of the cause, but they have increased to a level that I fear my cell, my very bones, will shake apart. I have started shifting to the end of the room, hoping to avoid the squeezing pressure the tremors bring. This distances me from the soothing beating near the ceiling, a fact that I detest, but am unable to change.

The only positive to my existence here is that the warden sings to me. Her voice seems to reach through the dark recesses of the room to my very soul, soothing the sadness that dwells in my being. I nearly forget my confinement when I hear her singing. She has become both angel and demon to me as I continue on here.

I feel different today also. There is a change coming that I cannot explain, but the uncertainty scares me to no end. If you find this journal, then something big has happened, forcing me to leave my cell. It will be something worse than the tremors by far.

I fear I will not survive whatever happens.

This will be my last entry…


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