Nurse C at your service

Nursing is naturally a service oriented profession. We are kind, loving, nurturing, mothers.

Well… Most of us. Everyone has had that gruff (usually ancient), nurse that would scare any person into obedience with just a look. She doesn’t take lip and she’s not there to rub your back, capisce?!

The norm in nursing is everyone has the attitude of care and giving to their patients. You’re sick, weak, and in need so naturally I want to do everything I can to ease the way to wellness. Every so often that means I’ll make you an iced coffee if you ask me nicely.

But what about when that expectation of care gets out of hand?

What about when patients turn the hospital into a Hilton, shifting things from caring to catering?

What about when a portion of the hospital’s income is based on satisfaction and the nurse’s promptness of service?

Let’s get a few simple things straight, shall we?

First, I am there to provide the best skilled care that I am able to with a cheery smile. I clock in and enter my patient’s room and affect an attitude of service. I’ll get you what I can, when I can with that smile firmly in place. Secondly, there are times where you aren’t my only patient. My patient down the hall is crashing or bleeding or making my day hell. So while you (or your family member) are important, you aren’t critical at the moment. And lastly, this is still a hospital and I still know more then you do about your care after 6 years of school and 8 years of clinical practice.

I will take care of you to the best of my ability, but I still deserve respect and consideration. I am only one person and I don’t give up that personhood just because I’m at work. I serve, and I’ll go above and beyond, but remember I can have a full plate at times. You can get your own water if you’re able.

I love taking care of people, getting them things, making them a sandwich when called for. I want to help and care, just give me respect and a thanks with the service.

Oh and don’t forget to fill out the survey if you did have great care in the hospital! HCAP and Press Ganey are of the devil, but it is nice to know you’ve done a good job.

Nurse C (always at your service), signing out


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