Deliver Me

In my 7 years of obstetrics nursing, I’ve delivered a lot of babies. Correction: I’ve assisted in the delivery of a lot of babies.

My role in the delivery process is huge as your OB nurse. I admit you, start your IV, monitor your baby’s heart rate, your contraction pattern, administer medications to speed up or slow down that process, provide comfort/coaching/prescribed medications, call the right people to get your epidural, perform intrauterine resuscitation when your baby’s heart rate crashes, call your doctor when your progressing, push with you, care for you and your infant following delivery, clean up, hand the doctor sutures, help control your bleeding, perform postpartum care of you and your infant (bathing, teaching, medicating, teaching), reassure, reassure, reassure.

There’s a ton of stuff I do before, during, and after the delivery. Most of it the doctor isn’t present for if it’s a normal labor.

One thing I try not to do is actually deliver the baby. I don’t get paid to handle that part so I don’t do it. That and stitching you up are the parts I do nothing with.

It happens to every OB nurse. The progress is rapid, the doc isn’t there (sometimes he is, but fails to get in the room), and you usher the baby into the world. I’d manage to go the whole 7 years without doing it, but my streak has now been broken.

The patient seems to glory in having the nurse do their delivery. I kind of have mixed emotions about the affair. I find it neat on one hand and odd on the other. All I think about is what if something had gone wrong?

But I’ve added that to my travel nurse credentials. Baby deliverer.

Being a nurse is full of happy surprises. This one was mine.

Here’s to the things you never plan to do that remind you’re a kick butt nurse!

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