The hospital that Nurse C built

No, I’m not going into architecture or construction, but I can’t help thinking about my ideal hospital.

See, at this point in the course of my 8.5 year career, I’ve worked in a lot of places. Between being a student, a floor nurse, an instructor, and a traveling nurse, I’ve been into health care settings of just about every make up.

When I think about my ideal hospital, I’m not thinking so much about layout. Wait… Yes I am. Who sets up a hospital where the furthest room is a mile walk from the nurse’s station? Medicine requires a ton of walking (I can take anywhere from 1,000-7,000 steps depending how busy a shift), why make it so I’m out of breath and sweating trying to get to my crashing patient clear at the end of the hall?? I’m stressing already, don’t cause me to stroke out too.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the layout. It’s the dynamics I want to build.

Here’s my hospital layout:

I want management that cares how overworked you are and that makes an effort to jump in to help, upper management that acknowledges me as a person and not a thing costing them money, coworkers that are team players and jump in every time to lend a hand sans backbiting and bad feelings, doctors who respect my knowledge basis and skill while treating me with respect, and patients who are truly grateful for what you do for them.

Most important… I WANT A CAFETERIA THAT STAYS OPEN 24/7 TO SERVE ALL SHIFTS. Night shift has to eat too, you know. I want fresh, hot, edible food!

I want properly trained on equipment, I want the person who screwed up to be addressed instead of taking everyone’s privileges away, I want fair treatment of all departments across the board, and I want to not be treated like ancillary staff when my unit finally decides to slow down. I want to be encouraged to further my education without selling my soul to do it. I want what magnet status stands for without the hidden politics hospitals tie in. I want a computer system made for a person who actually works the floor for crying out loud!

As a traveler? Consideration for my personhood, proper orientation to units not of my origin, and help from those I work with.

No Press Ganey/HCAP or any other annoyance. Let me do my job.

Respect, respect, respect. That’s my hospital mission statement. Oh, and nurses are awesome just below.

If I could construct a good hospital, this is what I want. Wishful, I know. I can’t help longing for that.

To the hospitals we want (not the ones we have!)

Travel on, road warrior.


4 thoughts on “The hospital that Nurse C built

  1. Love this, insightful article. Nursing has turned into a money making business. Knowing this, will not change the minds of future nursing students, because it is in our hearts we think we can make a difference anyway.Keeping good nurses , is where the dynamics need to change. It is institutions that realize this, and treat the nurses well that will benefit.


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