Nurse C on the go

I just finished my assignment in Nantucket. The leaving was bittersweet in many ways. Each assignment has its own good and bad components and this one definitely had its good and bad parts in spades.

That’s the funny thing about traveling. Even if the assignment wasn’t everything you thought it would be, leaving doesn’t get any easier.

Okay, I take that back.

There are some assignments that you can’t wait to leave. They’re so bad that you kick the dust off your shoes when you get on the plane and never look back!

But leaving Nantucket has me in mixed feelings.

It was a place that had some of the best patients I’ve ever taken care of in my career. For all my complaints about unappreciative patients, every person I’ve taken care of there was thankful (effusively so), glad to see you when you were out, and always sent gifts to the floor in thanks. A small hospital with amazing patients and patient load.

I also had coworkers I really enjoyed working with. Coworkers I liked hang out with after work also.

It had its bad moments, make no mistake, but for all the issues Nantucket turned into my longest assignment so far. 7 months! It beat out Brigham and Women’s, which I loved.

I teared up a bit on leaving!!

Will I go back? That’s a question I ask myself every assignment. I asked myself that as i boarded the ferry out of town yesterday and I don’t have the answers.

Traveling is so exciting in the opportunities it gives. Seeing new places, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences.

Off to warmer climes, but maybe I’ll see you again soon, Nantucket. Until then…

Travel on, road warrior


Traveling, too? Comment away

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