It’s all in the delivery

I have a “nurse voice.”

It’s something I’ve noticed more and more that I adopt when at work. I can be out at the nurse’s station angry about something and I’m loud when I’m angry. The second I walk into my patient’s room the smile goes on and my voice changes.

You may recognize this voice. It’s higher pitched, soft and non-threatening, sounds like I’m smiling (I am), and full of subtle (and not so subtle) reassurance.

I’m not sure what made me notice the difference. Probably an instance where I was indeed angry at the nurse’s station and then switched to sweet nurse mode when I entered the room. It’s reflexive though, something I do. It has a tendency to calm fears, diffuse anger, and make people smile back.

Listen to your nurse the next time she walks into the room to see if she pitches her voice a certain way. Calming, it’s my calming “I care for you” voice.

It made me realize that I’m certain things to certain people. (Watch out! Here comes a deep moment. You’ve been warned)

I wonder who I am at times. That sounds weird, I know, but it’s true. I put on faces at times.

My patients see a certain CC, my family sees a certain CC, my coworkers see a certain CC, and so on and so forth.

All of those parts of me are aspects of me, a facet of the real me, but I don’t feel like I can be all of me with any one person.

I’m not sure anyone would know how to handle me if they saw it!

I think we only reveal parts of ourselves for this very reason. A worry that person can’t handle the honest you. I mean, my patients don’t care if my day has been rough. They’re expecting quality service with a smile. I tend to deliver a product based on what I believe the person wants. Support, care, an ear, etc.

Ultimately, it means I don’t always know how to be myself in one piece. I’m sure everyone can relate to that fact.

But the nurse voice? I’ve been doing that so long I’m not sure I can stop.

Nothing says “it’ll all be okay” like that voice, right?

Just like I’ll eventually find a way to be wholly myself with someone, allow the voice to settle you.

This is Nurse C (projecting a sense of continued calm even when I don’t feel it), signing out.


2 thoughts on “It’s all in the delivery

  1. ah, i can truly relate to this, both personally and professionally. we all wear many hats. no matter what’s going on inside, when we enter our patients’ rooms, my former charge nurse used to tell us, “the show must go on”

    hang in there! it’ll be okay… 🙂


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