Oh won’t you stay just a little bit longer

Knowing when to go. It’s probably similar to knowing when’s the right time to start traveling full-time. It’s like the sweet spot, you only know it if you’re looking for it.

I’ve had a couple long contracts. One for 6 months and another for 7. When you’re at a place for a certain amount of time, it starts to feel like home. My gauge is the point where I get pretty good at navigating streets and getting to places with ease.

Your reasons for staying seem to trump your reasons for leaving so you simply extend. One of the big reasons I left those longer contracts is I hate the cold.

Love the east coast, but warmth in January beats cold every day. Make no mistake.

Sometimes leaving an assignment happens because it’s unsafe. In my experience, it’s best to keep your recruiter updated on the situation so that if you do leave they’ll have your back. If you have to bail, make sure your reasons are good as some companies/hospitals can penalize you for breaking contract.

Remember, in unsafe situations, it’s your license at stake so cover your own butt! I haven’t had to terminate a contract yet, but there have been moments where sheer determination is all that was keeping me from quitting. Looking for new assignments is a tedious process!

How do you know when it’s truly time to go though? I think that answer is an individual thing.

Getting too comfortable is something I avoid so when the itch to flee kicks in, I try heeding it and go. For some people they don’t feel like they have really gotten to know a place unless they’ve stayed for almost a year. Staying in one place for a year makes me antsy just thinking about it!

The hope is I make enough of an impression at the places I love that they’ll ask for me to come back. Oh, I’ll come back if you’ll have me.

Travelers gotta travel so…

Travel on, road warrior.


Traveling, too? Comment away

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