New Girl Anxiety

Starting my cross-country trek to my next assignment. Because I am who I am (which is a chronically anxious individual), I’ve been stressing about starting my new post for the past few weeks.

There’s this nervousness that crops up.

I have to prove myself all over again. Prove my 8 years of nursing, experience, previous years of knowledge are solid. I have to show a new set of colleagues that I am competent and not just traveling to make money. I get nervous that I’ll misstep during a delivery and call everything into question.

What if I miss… That deceleration, that ominous sign of fetal distress, that maternal symptom of HELLP, that PPH, that…

My anxiety level spikes through the roof.

I’ve left a place where they know how I am, I know their route, and my stress level is at the normal level for being an OB nurse. I can breathe easier because I know what to expect.

But staying in one place has never been something I wear with any real comfort so I have to step into my next unknown. The unknown is exciting for me because I have the opportunity to grow as a nurse and a person.

Not only am I wintering in California, but this new assignment is granting me the chance to learn a new skill. I’m looking forward to something that’ll improve my clinical practice.

Anxiety has the ability to add sharpness to ones perception and give that edge needed to be better. I guess I’ll have to take the anxiety and channel it into showing that I’m capable because I am capable.

Here I am. Nurse C here to help.

Travel on, road warrior.


Traveling, too? Comment away

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