Somebody’s Baby

If you see my mother over the next couple of weeks, give her a hug for me. Thanks

Leaving is a double edged sword in this business. Sometimes you’re excited to leave a place, hospital, assignment for a variety of reasons. You’re counting down your 13 weeks and chomping at the bit to get away.

I’m learning that there are times where leaving is hard…

Traveling means saying “see you soon” to your family. I started my cross country trip today (a first for me to travel to my assignment via car so that has its own anxiety tied in).

My mother always gets sad when I leave. Every time.

I never claim to understand because I say I’m a big girl and we should be used to it by now. I mean, I’m a little sad, but I’m also nervous and excited about something new.

Mom tells me that no matter how old I get, I’m still her baby. I realized how difficult it was for her to send me off this morning and it hit home. She kept referring to the Subaru commercial with the dad talking to the little girl driving the car. You know the one, she’s in the driver’s seat, looks like she’s 5, and he’s giving her cautions about driving. At the end, she changes to a 16 year old girl. Mom said that’s how she felt about me leaving.

I don’t have kids, but I imagine no matter how old they get they’re still your baby.

Baby C on the go

Travel on, road warrior


4 thoughts on “Somebody’s Baby

  1. Sending your kids off never is easy! Being the kid leaving is never easy either! Will be praying for you as you travel and your Mom as she waits for calls along the way to know you are making safe progress! Love you and so proud of the wonderful young lady you have become!


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