The poverty we don’t see

Just exited out of Louisiana and am on the way to San Antonio.

Did a tour yesterday that gave an excellent overview of New Orleans. It’s a city with such a rich history. Its French and Spanish roots, it’s slave trade city, birthplace of jazz music, its ties to the Mississippi River, and its gorgeous buildings and vibrant people. And I can’t forget the amazing food available. Étouffée! Gumbo! Jambalaya! Heaven.

Under it lies a sense of dependence.

What do I mean by that and is it a fair assessment of a city that fights as hard at New Orleans does to survive?

It’s been almost 10 years ago, but parts of the city still lay in waste. It’s not nearly as bad as it was, but the fact that this many years later there are still sections that are in disrepair is sad. There’s also an underlying dirtiness to the city. The streets and some of the people included in that.

Tourism is a billion dollar business that keeps the Big Easy going.

There’s just a feeling of unfortunate-ness beneath it all. That’s how I felt. Don’t mistake me. I loved the pride of the people and their colorful personalities. It’s just I see desperation under it that made me uneasy.

Many people have come in and provided the city a leg up. There’s so much beauty! The city park is lovely and a place for kids to go.

I have my opinions about the state of things in this city, but this isn’t the post for that.

New Orleans is a city full of fighters and I don’t believe that’ll ever change.

On to my next city!

Travel on, road warrior.


2 thoughts on “The poverty we don’t see

  1. Totally. When I visited one of the events for the conference wasn’t in the main downtown area where the conference was. Looking at the neighborhoods we passed riding on the bus I was amazed by the difference between the touristy areas and the real neighborhoods.


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