Plan changes can be like dirty diapers

Sometimes they happen and they stink.

As travel days go, yesterday was a stinker. We’d set out early in hopes of exploring Roswell for New Years Eve.

Except Mother Nature decided to throw a huge curveball in the form of some really really bad weather. Ice on the roads, multiple accidents, and severe detours. We made it to Roswell, but 6 hours later than intended and with the inability to do anything at all. Our next stop had to change because the threat of worse weather being a big deterrent. So the Grand Canyon is out for today as well. Big bummer as that was one of the places I really wanted to see in this cross country venture. Maybe it’ll be a trip I take some other time.

It made me think of how change happens and how we handle it.

-Unexpected job loss
-Surprise (and potentially unwanted) pregnancy
-A travel job not being what you thought
-Not going to the school you’d hoped to

It’s easy to look at each of those and spit, cuss, throw up your hands, or think life is against you. I’m finding sometimes things are better in the end.

-You get a better job or a better opportunity comes for you
-That child does amazing things in its life
-You learn something great or meet someone great on that assignment
-The school you do get in has a huge impact (for the better) on the person you become

I’m not saying we can’t be upset about change. It’s hard not to be when things don’t go how you want. It’s hard to see any potential good through the panic/disappointment/depression. I’m not even saying I’m all that good at being positive. Shoot, I’m the queen of anxiety and panic attacks when things even hintat going wrong.

But if I can look on the bright side even once? If I can see God’s possible plan and rely? If I can trust that maybe the plan change is better even if the “better” is my safety in travel?

I’ll try to see a little clearly.

Here’s to a new year of looking at things differently.

Travel on, road warrior.


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