Week 1: I know L&D and that’s about all

End of week one at new hospital and here are my conclusions:

All hospital orientations are the same and none of them are good.

I hate to say this, but if you’ve sat through one hospital orientation, you have sat through them all. Some are a bit more organized than others, but none of them say anything different.

Hospital CEO talks about how awesome the hospital is, Human resources tells you how glad they are you’re working there (we’re awesome), IT tells you to call with tech problems, Security… Infection control… Etc, etc, etc. We are awesome, you should be honored to work here because our numbers are better than all the people. Oh, and we are awesome.

I could run hospital orientation and mine would go like this:

“Hey guys! Thanks for coming. We need you and our hospital kinda can’t run without you. Provided is a book with a ton of info you don’t want to know, but I have to tell you. Read it, there may be a quiz, lunch is on me because our cafeteria is the best. Okay! Thanks for coming, write 8 hours on your time sheet and we’ll see ya on the floor.”

Yea, like that. Maybe two free lunches though because my hospital is the best. 😉

Getting used to a new hospital’s pace takes time.

This place is total chaos.

Yesterday I oriented a bit to circulating c-section and did that delivery, discharged another patient, admitted and delivered a different one. This is day 2 on the floor and the day before was only slightly less busy. I only admitted one patient.

They are busy and for once I don’t feel like a deer in the headlights. Can you believe that? My feet hurt so bad yesterday, but I wasn’t anxious.

The level of activity is going to take time to get used to. I’m going from zero to 100 here.

The first few weeks has a certain learning curve. You know how to do labor, but you don’t know their docs, their policies, their procedures, how to circulate a section, where the heck the chux are…

The chaos at a hospital may manifest differently for each assignment, and here it’s the level of patient flow they get for a place of its size.

I have 2 more days in orientation and I need to get in my c-sections for circulating experience. It’s nuts here and I’m okay with it for now. My poor feet may fall off…

Here’s to more good weeks.

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