Week 2: Hi, I’m CC and I live in a hotel

Almost finished with my second week here and I’m flying solo.

They are so much busier here! I mean, I’m walking upwards of 12K steps a shift (which is something like 5 or 6 miles of walking).

This is an LDR (Labor, Delivery, and recovery) floor with a separate postpartum. They have a high level NICU and they call a nursery nurse to assess their babies after delivery. It can go from crazy to slow to crazy again in seconds. I wear compression socks and gel soles in my shoes because I’m moving so much.

I’ll not give my opinion of the place so much as the people. I’m loving how friendly everyone is at this hospital. Willing to teach me to circulate, answer questions, and help me. The high flow can be off putting, but I’m still feeling okay. I know L&D and I’ll just have to continue showing that knowledge.

I’m still in that stage where I have to introduce myself to everyone.

“Hi, I’m CC and I’m a traveler. No, you don’t have to call me Canea (mostly because you’ll butcher my given name). I’m from the east coast and I drove here from West Virginia (not the same state as Virginia). I’m staying in a hotel just down the road.”

Responses go like this:

How long you been doing this?
You drove all the way out here??
They put you up in a hotel???


There are two housing options that you have if you travel. Your company provides a fully furnished place of some type OR you take a weekly housing allowance and find your own place.

I’ve done it both ways, but when I travel out to California I let my company do the housing negotiating. This time I opted to let them book me in a hotel.

I know what you’re thinking…

“A hotel? For 3 months?? Are you crazy?”

Free breakfast every day
Room cleaning service
Free access to a full service gym
I’m right by the beach
There’s a hot tub and pool
Cable/internet provided
There’s a nightly happy hour with snacks
And I don’t have to pay a cent out of pocket.

Do you make more money finding your own housing? Yes! But I’m all about low stress when it comes to housing because cali is notorious for being expensive.

How you navigate housing is something to be decided on an assignment by assignment basis. It’s about what you can handle and the money you want to make.

While you’re sorting that out, I’ll be over here enjoying my hot tub and freshly made bed.

10 weeks left!

Travel on, road warrior.


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