Nurse C’s Judgy Face

Here it is…

Here’s where I admit that I have moments where, as a medical professional, I judge people.

There aren’t many things that gross me out. My low gross-out tolerance stems from the fact that I’ve been a labor and delivery nurse for too many years. As glorious as the birth process is, it’s nasty. Blood, amniotic fluid, pee, poop. You name a body fluid with a smell and I’ve seen it or been splashed by it!

I’m not one to call people out… Okay, I’m occasionally known to do that.

I’m calling people out right now. I’m calling out the people who use the restroom and don’t wash their hands.

You’re gross.

You peed, walked out of the stall, checked your hair in the mirror, and left.


Think about this… You’re wiping your butt with 2-ply that is at most 1mm thick and I’m being generous. Say you double that up? Still not enough coverage considering urine and feces soak through the ply and get on your hands. Why do you think I wear gloves when I’m cleaning someone else up? Because, ew!

Boys, you’re not off the hook. Touching a body part of any kind transfers what’s on your skin to anything you touch. Think about flushing the urinal after everyone who’s flushed the urinal before you? You picked up whatever someone deposited on the knob and because you didn’t wash your hands you’ve passed that on to any other surface you’ve touched.

Not only transferring that to surfaces you touch, but your face, your mouth, your eyes when you touch your body with dirty hands. Again, ew.

Hand washing is the number one way to combat the contracting of certain communicable diseases. 15 seconds of washing with soap can decrease your chances of getting sick and I know for a fact that some of you (and I’m not naming names) are lousy sick people. Use a paper towel to open the door leading out of the bathroom if you can.

Listen, I know other people are gross, infection spreading, fomites, I also know that it’s impossible to avoid touching surfaces that may have nasty stuff, but practicing basic hygiene can cut the time you spend huddled under the covers moaning because you’re ill.

Think about this and wash your hands if for no other reason than you don’t want to see my judgy face which looks a little like this


No body wants to see that face!


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