Treating Docs like Taylor Swift treats haters

I’m shaking that attitude off!

Had my first run in with a doctor and my knee jerk reaction was to tell him he was a…

Anyway, after shaking off my bad mood I remembered something important: doctors will say and do whatever, but I still have to care for my patients as I’ve been taught.

Every nurse learns the best way to deal with doctor’s attitude and nastiness. The bad part about traveling is relearning doctors and what to expect in every new place.

Doctors act like bears everywhere you go.

I blame a certain amount of entitlement on the doc’s behalf. They are lifted to a certain height and expect to be treated a certain way even if it inconveniences others. The nurses have an issue with catering to and reinforcing said behavior. I’m guilty of it because I know they can (and have) make life hard if I don’t. It’s the black spot in nursing; simpering and coddling the physician.

There’s a saying about one’s response to an action saying more about you than the action itself… Or something like that.

I admit my response wasn’t that great and usually isn’t. My skills and knowledge being called into question always makes me defensive.

What does that mean? I need to check my response. If I’ve done things as right as I can, I’ll have to let the attitude roll off.

Shake it off as I walk out the door!

Not every doc is going to be surly every time, but I can take a deep breath when they are and smile my biggest smile.

“Would you like a lemonade while you do your repair, sir? Maybe a bit of sweet with all that sour will make you feel better.”


Don’t let them see you sweat!

Travel on, road warrior.


2 thoughts on “Treating Docs like Taylor Swift treats haters

  1. My nurse and my surgeon had a dramatic moment after I had Sage. The surgeon told me I could go early because everything looked like it was recovering well. I of course got excited. I told the nurse, and then she said I couldn’t leave earlier than normal. They had words, I cried… because post-partum emotions lol. In the end I stayed the recommended amount of time.


    • I always recommend new moms stay the full time post section. That 3rd day post-op hits you hard and if you go home you don’t have the support you need. I feel mommies feel more ready if they stay the whole time.


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