Week 3: Who turns down help??

There are a lot of nurses who have a particular set up when it comes to patient care and assisting in deliveries. They want to run the room and can’t abide help. These are the people who gladly do the whole delivery alone.

I am not that nurse.

I work with some great charge nurses at this current place (and some other nurses also) who are awesome at coming in to assist you. I thanked the one who helped me yesterday and she said she hoped she didn’t step on my toes by coming in. I gave her the look.

“Girl, please. Step on my toes all you want. I ain’t too proud to accept help.”

The best part of nursing is that it isn’t a solo profession. My strip has been category 2 for a bit and something doesn’t feel right to me even after taking corrective steps. It’s not bad enough to surgically intervene yet, but I’m not comfortable. I ask everyone’s opinion on the matter and take suggestions for things to do differently, including calling the doc.

Or I have a patient I just can’t handle and I need a break. Or I’m doing a delivery and things are getting out of control. Or someone wants to help me push because I’ve been at it for 4 hours.

I will never turn down help.

Honestly, I have a tendency of allowing people to take over my room if I’m not careful. Sometimes that’s nice if I’m behind on my charting or I’m trying to get things ready. Sometimes it’s irritating and my toes do feel stepped on. I still welcome your assistance.

I don’t know everything and I don’t pretend to know. The thing about work is we all need help and there are so many ways to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

If you help me, I’ll be thanking you after. Often I’ll buy you a gift card if you’ve helped me in a major crisis.

I’ll not pretend pride and I’ll always ask for help. I’ll also give it. I’ll be the first one in your room with bags of fluid if your patient is crashing, or starting your admission if you’re trying to get an Iv before your girl delivers, or doing your errands before/during/after/delivery. Whatever you need, I’m your girl.

12 hour shifts are long and knowing you’re working with people who will have your back is awesome.

It makes it fun when the chaos calms and you have time to have a dance party. Something they do here that makes me chuckle.

Be a help!

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