Tattoos = Scared of needles?

We’ve all taken care of this patient…

Large tattoos covering 3/4ths of their body
Multiple ear piercings
A lip ring
Tongue ring
Navel ring

And they don’t like needles

You’ve decorated your body with artwork that requires another person to stab you repeatedly in order to embed ink beneath your skin, or they have to take a very large gauge needle in order to pierce your tongue… And you’re freaking because I’m about to poke you once with a needle that will not be staying in your body?

Squirrel, please. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I have my fair share of tattoos and I’ve been pierced a time or two so I can tell you an iv insertion doesn’t even rank. It’s a known fact that body modification is highly addicting – it’s part of why I have more than one tattoo – and my educated guess is that there’s a chemical release to tattooing or a “rush” that makes handling the pain bearable.

I said I think I get it, but that doesn’t stop me from giving the look

“You’re about to push a 10lb baby out of your lady business so do you think you can handle a quick stick like an adult?”

Trust me, you’d rather I stick you once now instead of a couple shoots in your thigh later because I can’t get your bleeding under control. Just pretend I’m your tattoo artist only cuter and in Ceil blue scrubs.

See? That didn’t hurt nearly as bad as your 6 hour back piece, now did it?


So you get a break until the next baby or next tattoo… Whichever comes first


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