Week 5: I’m temporary

A month down and very nearly halfway through this contract.

This is the point where most people start feeling comfortable. Well, comfortable may be too strong a word. Let’s say, “able to navigate unfamiliar territory without feeling totally lost.”

You’ve already battled through boring orientation, both hospital and floor. Your 3 days with a preceptor have come and gone, and you’ve been solo for a few weeks so you kind of know where things are and can do a delivery/circulate with some ease.

The staff has gotten used to you and doesn’t treat you like an idiot. Many times you see how you’re starting to integrate into their systems/routines. You still haven’t quite figured out what doctors covers what group or how to pronounce some of their names, but that’s no big deal.

The thing I love about this point is I’m not scrambling or apologizing for not knowing something. I’ve figured out the IV system (I’m getting slick with 18G Jelcos here!), the admission process, and know how to recover and get people out fast after a delivery.

I find my groove and when I do I find I can give quality compassionate care to my patients and offer help to my coworkers.

Now to hold off before I start looking at new jobs. I just can’t help myself! This area is easy to see myself staying in, but the wanderlust is strong.

Here’s to another week of successful deliveries…

Travel on, road warrior!


Traveling, too? Comment away

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