Week 6: No Lunch Break? No Problem!

The sarcasm in that title, folks.

A nurse’s job can be rough. Working a 12 or 8 hour shift seems like no big deal, right? Except you’re caring for someone else so you have to be extremely attentive to any changes that could be occurring in their health. Add taking care of a group of patients at once or a pregnant woman/women and it can be a strain mentally.

More than that, there are times when your scheduled lunch time ends up being your rescheduled dinner time. That’s if you get to eat at all.

No lunch, no problem?

This place is definitely busy. I can’t tell you how many times in the past 6 weeks I either can’t eat until 3, 4, or 5 pm. At least once I didn’t get to eat at all.

People seem to forget the personhood of the care provider. My biggest issue with medicine is how much the nurse is seen as caterer without regard to the work put in during a long shift.

There’s so much giving without a real opportunity to recharge. That’s both physically and emotionally.

Dealing with countless patients in a single shift without a break can wear you down. I’m still human so it gets harder to be compassionate when I’m hungry!

Doctor, don’t treat me as though I don’t understand hemodynamics during an epidural. Why do you think I’m running fluids in like crazy? Room X, don’t ask me to call the doctor I just told you was on their way over to get you tucks for your hemorrhoid. Not life threatening.

Let me inhale my pretzels so I don’t pass out during the insertion of your epidural from low blood sugar. Give me a minute.

I care, but a hungry Nurse CC is a dangerous Nurse CC

So take my advice: let your nurse eat. It saves lives!

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