Week 9: “So do you plan on doing this for long?”

4 weeks left! Time flies when you’re having fun, and in all honesty I can say I’ve enjoyed Ventura. It’s a gorgeous area! Not so close to LA that you’re battling terrible traffic every day, but a place with plenty to do. I’ve gotten in quite a bit of exploring and a whole lot of eating. I sent lovely beach pictures to the fam to help them through the winter. I hope they’ve appreciated my efforts! 😋

Anyway, I’d like to discuss a question I get a lot as a travel nurse. It’s one that I find a little weird, but maybe it’s because I get wanderlust quite badly.

“Do you see yourself doing this for a long while?”

Why, yes. Yes I do.

That’s the short answer and the long answer is just as easy. I’ll travel for as long as I’m able, and to stop seems silly when historically I get antsy every few months anyway. Travel nursing is equal parts thrilling adventure and intense comfort zone stretch. What else can I do that allows me to care for a diverse variety of people, learn new skills regularly, improve on old ones, all while exploring a new city? It’s always fresh, always exciting, and that bit of anxiety pushes me to be better in my practice.

I pick up the best ways to do things because I’ve seen a lot. I learn evidenced based practice, techniques for decreasing discomfort, excellent ways to assist in descent of the baby, great pushing methods, interpersonal skills, conversational skills, and so forth.

There’s no chance for stagnation to get you!

It’s a fresh start just when I’m staying to get comfortable. Travel nursing requires you to be okay with change because this is rife with change. I find the change scary and energizing I need it to a certain degree. It stops that frustration and dissatisfaction the occasionally rears its head from getting the better of me.

I realized a long time ago that I was the type who thrived on seeing or doing something different. I’ve been a traveler with that need to explore for years. For a long time, that only played out in my leisure travel. Once it because an integral part of my travel life, I wondered why I hadn’t started sooner.

In many ways, I’m trying to prove to myself that I can do this. I can go anywhere and work. I can be a capable no matter where I am. My abilities and skills aren’t restricted by location or patient demographic or socioeconomic status. It’s proving to myself that I am a good nurse in general.

But honestly, why give up seeing new parts of the country? Why give up the freedom to vacation when I want? Why give up learning new things? Why give up trying the delicious foods?!

Mon brainer here.

I see myself doing this for as long as I can because how else am I going to get my travel fix? Wanderlust is a serious ailment and the only remedy is more frequent flier miles.

If you could travel, wouldn’t you??

Travel on, road warrior


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