Week 10: I’m glad I’m not here for long

Let me just address this one thing before I wrap up this week.

I didn’t get in to University of Pennsylvania. It was a very competitive pool and I just didn’t make the cut, which is a hard pill to swallow. Full disclosure, I cried at the desk, but only a little because it was too busy for a full on CC pity party. I’m a little wounded about it so I’m not sure if I can pursue it again any time soon because maybe this isn’t a path I should take at all. Not how I expected things to go, but a verse comes to mind that fits perfectly.

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord establishes (determines) his steps. Proverbs 16:9

What have I said about plan changes and dirty diapers? They both happen and, man, do they both stink!

This brings us to the end of week 10 with 3 weeks remaining in this contract.The one thing I think everyday I work here is, “Does it ever slow down??!”

I’ve worked at places on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to census. The Brigham was busy, Salinas was busy, UHC fluctuated up and down, and Nantucket was… Not. This place is busy in the most unnecessary ways.

Scheduled sections, unnecessary inductions, multiple groups of doctors, and a lack of communication. It never eases up, which is odd for a LDR floor. I felt like Salinas, a similarly sized/similarly constructed unit, never felt like this. Like you can’t catch a break, like everyone is urgent, like the doctor’s office fails to properly communicate when patients will arrive, like patients have no regard for the hospital.

It never stops

Don’t misconstrue me: I love this area, love my coworkers, enjoy the demographic here. Heck, this place is on the list of places I’d actually consider living and working as a perm position (Boston is first, but I hate snow with a deep hatred). Except this pace is ridiculous. It made me say something I never thought I’d say…

I miss Nantucket. 😳😱

You have idea how it is if I’m saying something that incendiary.

A fellow traveler and I were discussing the possibility of coming back to Ventura. I would, come back that is. A fact that is surprising considering how of much of a rolling stone I am. I have yet to end up at the same place twice. We’ve established that I like it here, well, like it well enough. Even when the pace is insane, I lack that anxiety that rides me. Maybe because it’s too ridiculous to be anxious, but I’d like the chance to explore why that occurs here.

While we both agreed we’d come back, we also agreed we needed a long break before we ever considered a return trip. We wondered how the regular staff kept up at a pace like this! I mean, really, I look forward to my days off the day before I go back to work. Honestly something has to change at this place.

I’m reminded of how much I enjoy my temp state. I like that I’m versatile and that relocating is easy/comfortable  I’m glad to not have a home base because when the going gets tough, I most definitely get going! Let’s face it, who hasn’t gotten tired of the day in/day out of work? Just when it hits me hard, I get to pack my bags and move along.

Getting close to move-along time now. Plenty to talk about in the meantime, eh? Where am I off to next for instance? I haven’t told everyone yet. We’ll save it for the next post.

So until then…

Travel on, road warrior.


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