Week 11: Where are you going?

6 shifts left! Where did 11 weeks go already? I mean I’ve blinked and it sped by.

So I promised to reveal where I’m going next and with it the why of my decision.

First, let me say that I’m an antsy traveler. That means I start looking for my next assignment about a month in to the current one. So right when the serious nerves wear off (4 weeks in), I’m already browsing my company’s site and all the major job boards for open positions.

Technically that’s not the proper way to go about it. Most recruiters recommend scouting the next assignment 4 to 6 weeks from when you’d like to start. Most hospitals are looking for immediate starts so within a week or two. If I present myself as an available candidate but can’t start until 2-3 months later, that may bump me out for the position. They need ASAP and I can’t do it.

I can’t help myself though! I love the safety of knowing where I’m going long before I’m ready to go. Bless my recruiter for her patience when I email her about a job I saw in the middle of the night. I know darn well I can’t be put in for it, but I can’t help looking! She’ll humor me by at least inquiring and I love her for that.

It works in my favor at times

Seriously, I interviewed for my assignment in Ventura the middle of November. I didn’t start until January! I knew early last month I was going to my next assignment though I’m not starting until the middle of April.

I tend to ask early for extensions if I’m going to stay or scout jobs sooner if I’m not interested in staying.

This is just the one area I like to plan ahead. I don’t mind the myriad of other changes I experience as a traveler, nor the host of things that crop up that change things. I just need this one point of stability so I can make other plans. Other travelers may have a different way of doing things. Some like the push because you can make good money scoring jobs that appear the week or few days before. Kudos to them!

But I need to know early.

So where am I going next anyway??

Well, after a little bit of deliberation, I decided to head back to Nantucket for 8 weeks. My reasons are many and money did play a role in my decision. Some of it had to do with needing a break in pace again.

The hospital here can be hectic most of the time with very little downtime in a shift. I’m looking forward to really bonding with my patients again. I’m in an LDR situation here, I deliver them and then send them on their way. Nantucket is LDRP and it does give the opportunity for one on one teaching with the patients because of the slower pace. Sometimes I like the teaching aspect of postpartum and the way you can connect as you educate. Following a patient through all aspects of their delivery/postpartum process is nice. It’s what I know and I enjoy that.

So I’m heading back for a short stay. I’m already mentally planning where I’ll head next. Of course I’m thinking toward the next assignment! It’s what I do. What’s not to love about a job with such amazing flexibility? I want a faster pace? Go somewhere bigger. I need to slow it down a bit? Go somewhere smaller. Big city? Little city? Winter spot? Vacation time?

Travel nursing has got me covered.

Travel on, road warrior.


Traveling, too? Comment away

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