Memories with family 

Home for a very short amount of time and that’s filled up with necessary appointments before I head out again. That’s the downside of things. I’m hardly ever home and when I am, it’s literally 2-5 days and they’re packed. 

Time to repack and maybe visit with friends. Gearing up for the next foray into traveling with a side of nursing. 

The trip across country was fun. I travel with my family a few times a year and I like hanging with them. Even when they’re crazy. Like when my brother and mother bickered the entire time he drove. Or my mother checking to see if my brother was breathing. Or them complaining while we tried to decide what to do or where to walk and explore. 

We’re all getting older and moving into that stage where the time we spend together may be our last. Not to be morbid, but you lose that feeling of invincibility when you turn 30 and working in medicine only intensifies that realization that life is short. Mom likes to say she goes with me on vacation to make memories for when she’s gone. I try to appreciate that fact. 

So even with their craziness, I’m glad I could spend a week with my family. I love them dearly. 

Until the next (long) road trip! 

Travel on, road warrior. 


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