A certain disposition

Well, I’m here. It was a rocky start that threatened to throw the next few weeks in a bad light, but I’m pasting on a grin and thinking of the carefully crafted blogs I will post! Haha. I’m due for a post on nursing and social media, but I wanted to cover a particular topic first.

What kind of disposition do you need to have to be a nurse?

Now this post started far more narrow in my mind. My rough start made me think of the attitude you needed to be a traveler, but a travel nurse is just a regular nurse on the go. I firmly believe you have to have confidence (in yourself and your particular skill set) in order to travel. I’ve talked about it before, but I decided being more general would be better today.

Does nursing require a certain attitude? Do nurses have one personality type in common?

This is an impossible question to answer. If I stand beside a fellow nurse and look at our personalities, I doubt we’d find a ton of commonalities. I’m not sure personality type is a good gauge. Maybe it comes down to willingness, desire, and drive?

Nursing is about caring and caring involves sacrifice. Caring involves stepping into strangers’ lives, seeing their problems (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual)and offering healing.

I’m not good with strangers. At all. I’m usually extremely uncomfortable meeting new people. But… I can step into a patient’s room and do everything I can to make them comfortable. I can overcome my natural aversion in order to help.

What makes that possible? What makes it possible for people who are so different to come together and execute a code or work a delivery or deal with an emergency?

I think I’m asking more questions than offering answers. I think that’s because there is no right answer.

Nursing requires people willing to give, people with a soft voice and a steel spine, people who are smart with an attitude of a lifelong learner, people who are flexible, who know how to be firm as needed, people with a wicked sense of humor.

This is a rough business, the business of nursing. It has a tendency to break the unprepared and wear out the committed. You have to remember why you do this in the moments that make it hard to do so.

And travel nurses? Well, we go where others flee. It’s a regular nurse on speed with commitment issues! I subsist on coffee and constant change personally.

Maybe it is obvious. Do you think a certain personality type is needed to be a nurse?

Coffee and change work for me!

Travel on, road warrior


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