Temporary ACK girl: week 1.5

Late for last week’s recap and I don’t want to do two posts so it’s two weeks in one.

What a view

What a view

Back on Nantucket! It’s nice in some ways, not so nice in others. Coming back to a familiar place has a few perks as a traveler. One of which is no orientation. It’s been less than 6 months since I was here last so I avoid that very boring, often repetitive, extremely tedious hospital orientation.  Glory, glory! The other thing I like is it’s one day to see what’s changed and I can jump right in without missing a beat. A couple of times I had to toss out the, “wait, what am I doing again for this?”, but overall it’s awesome to be on a floor the first week and know exactly what to do in minutes.

I enjoy changing from busy to a little laid back. Don’t get me wrong, busy here is far different from a facility that does 250+ deliveries a month, but it’s easy to be swamped if there’s only two of you and 4 people walk in at the same time. Inadequate staffing can make even a low census place dangerous. Still, the slow down does a body good.

My goal when I post here is tactful honesty and if I had to outline my issues with this place I’d start here: TOO MANY CHEIFS, NOT ENOUGH INDIANS

Every place is plagued by management that has no idea how a floor runs. Let me specify it’s upper management not floor managers. Well, usually. I try my hardest not to get sucked into politics, but when you’re some place too long the circus likes to give you monkeys to train. Not my circus, not my monkeys!

I have to remind myself that I’m not here forever, just to help. Miring oneself in hospital politics when that place isn’t your perm home is dangerous. You don’t have the protection of the Union when it comes firing time. I don’t know about you, but scrambling to find a new position out of the blue is not my idea of a good time.

I may have problems, but I attempt to voice them through the proper channel. I try working it through the manager or whatever liaison is there at the hospital, but I always keep my recruiter informed. If you have to bail because it’s unsafe, or the contract is getting dicey, or anything your recruiter has to know so they’ll have your back. I keep those assignments short and sweet so risk is minimal

Here’s the cool part of going back though, knowing exactly where to eat and go as well as the festivals. Here’s a few photos from Daffodil festival this past weekend. Wine festival is in a couple of weeks and I’ll make my migratory trip into Beantown. I’m all about the good.




Traveling, too? Comment away

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