Nurses’ Week

So begins nurse’s week (and teacher appreciation, if I’m not mistaken). 

I wanted to give a shout out to all my fellow nurses no matter what your field of practice. We’ve again been named the most trusted, ethically minded profession. Above pastors and doctors. No one gives and cares like you do, fellow nurse. No one uses both skills and intuition to save lives. No one gets dirty like you do, mucking around in bodily fluids that would make most men faint. No one holds a hand of the dying, guides a child into the world, offers a balm for pain, or gives a shoulder to cry on like you do. Even if no one tells you, know it’s true.

You are an asset to the lives of the people you serve!

You may not get paid near enough for what you do (and neither do teachers for that matter), but you touch lives. That’s an important legacy.

So here’s to you, Super Nurse! A week to remember you’re valuable.  


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