Temp ACK Girl: week 3 A Hard Days Night

It’s funny how many topics float around in my head to talk about. Then by the end of the week I’ve forgotten half of them and the other half aren’t worth talking about… Yet. Here’s one worth mentioning.

First, congratulations to this year’s graduating nursing class. You’re about to start an interesting journey into the world of professional nursing. You’ll learn more than you ever could in school and many of you will do that learning on night shift.

There’s a pecking order and a general expectations that most new nurses end up on nights. It’s all part of the process of growing up: you finish school, work nights until that long time day shifter retires (or leaves), and then put in and pray you transfer to day shift

Many people scramble to get off nights once they’ve paid their dues into the system.

Nights can be an awesome place to learn. There’s not a ton of management trolling (yes, trolling ūüėí) around, the noise level is lower, and the number of visitors is decreased. The¬†downside is the amount of regular and ancillary staff is decreased, which means if you’re crazy busy you can drown in an instant. The upside is it makes you incredibly close with your coworkers because you’ve learned to save each other’s butts! You can also learn well in this environment. If you can survive a trying shift and return the next night, there’s hope for you making it.

I’m back on nights as a Temp Girl in Nantucket. Trust, this is an excellent thing here. Even with the downsides of being nights at a CAH, still better.

Being day shift as a traveler can be hit or miss. Nights is always the shift that has the need.

I’ve snagged 2 straight day shift assignments in the last 2 years. My first 6 months were days at the Brigham and my last assignment in Ventura was days. Loved it, no lie

Mentally, I love nights. Physically? I’m up and over 30 so my body screams at me when I work nights now. Physically, days feels better. Because on your first night off when you work night shift, you spend it trying to not be a zombie. Your first shift off days is after a full night’s sleep with a full day ahead of you. 8+ of sleep and then I’m off to the beach!

There are some travelers who will only work days. I’m not so picky, but traveling affords you way more choices than being a perm staffer so there ya go.

I’ll never complain about being a night shifter and really I don’t mind being on nights. You get to know your coworkers and learn a little independence. And it’s only 13 weeks on whatever shift. There’s always a place that has days if working nights¬†kills my body too much.

I’ll¬†always be a night shifter though. Day shift. Just… Too… Many… People.

Oh! I know where I’m going next. I’ll clue you in on the next post.

Hope it was a nice Nurses week for everyone!

Travel on, road warrior.


Traveling, too? Comment away

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