Temp ACK Girl: Es Su Casa?

End of week 4. My halfway point in Nantucket marked by the start of Wine Festival here on the island.


This morning’s event that I attended was breakfast on the harbor. A delicious affair where they cook and I eat. Ah, would that I could afford a personal chef as the rest of those in attendance could. A girl can dream…

image image

On to this week’s topic: housing.

When you travel, housing can be one of the best ways to make money. I’ve noticed I’m not terrible concerned about money as a traveler. I probably should be as it is an inconvenience in a lot of ways the constant moving. There should be a level of compensation tied to that, but at the moment I’m more content with the reward that comes with going to a new places.

As I’ve mentioned, there are different ways to do housing. You find your own, hopefully at a reasonable price, and pocket whatever remains. The other option is to take company housing. This saves you time (they find, lease, and pay the cost including utilities. You move into a fully furnished place with your luggage and are set), but no you’re out the extra money.

Nantucket offers another option: shared hospital housing.

The housing situation on this island is, in a word, crap-tastic. There aren’t enough houses to go around. Many year round islanders rent and end up playing the Nantucket shuffle when tourist season starts in May/June. They have housing until that point (9 month lease) and then they are booted out to make way for tourists who will spend a grand a night to have a place to stay here. It’s a way worse situation than people realize and many long time islanders leave because there’s no security. The tourists sink money into the island, but who’s going to be left to work it if there’s no housing for regular people?

As a traveler, I don’t have to worry too much about where to stay here, but I do have to worry about who I’m paired with in the house. When I pick my own place, I’m much more willing to tolerate a stranger. It’s a little different when you’re made to share with a stranger. The first time I came, I was here 7 months and went through 5 roommates. I got along better with some…

I like to believe I can live with anyone, but I’ve had my share of roommates with some nasty habits. I’m not saying I’m immaculate. It probably doesn’t help that I’m not overly social so I don’t much enjoy sitting in the living room chitchatting with a relative stranger. It’s much easier to form a bond with someone you at least work with or having something in common with, a fact that hospital doesn’t take into account. It’s short term so whatever.

The next assignment has me back in company paid for housing and solo. I’m looking forward to that and once again being close to a Starbucks.

As to where I’m going next… I’m actually not going very far. I’m headed to St. Vincent hospital in Worcester, MA. They are an LDR floor with a separate postpartum unit. They do around 200 deliveries a month so they are busy enough. It’s a full 13 weeks so I’ll have plenty to share about work and the area I’m sure. Even if it’s not the most amazing assignment, I’ll appreciate the experience. I’ll get to work on my circulating skills again and be near a Starbucks. Haha

I’m finding it much easier to start over. Even with the irritation that is orientation, I find familiar places unsettling. There’s no novelty in the familiar, nothing to be learned. It’s almost like I’ve conditioned myself to find reward in conquering the fear that comes with the unknown. I’m ready to conquer new things now.

Until the next new thing…

Travel on, road warrior.


Traveling, too? Comment away

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