Temp ACK Girl: week 5 – this is why I do it. 

Sorry… A little late with this so I’ll keep it short. 

3 more weeks remain in this stint. 21 more days as my mother reminded me recently. She’s heading up to see the island the last week I’m here and I know she’s excited for her adventure. 

I was all set to write a post on staff dynamics and then had a moment.  Don’t worry, I will most definitely be writing that post soon! 

Last night I was finishing up a delivery and trying to cram food down my throat to stave off fatigue and stomach hunger/caffeine overload, when it hit me. I love what I do. I’ll say it again: I love what I do. Not just the traveling and the adventure, but labor and delivery itself. 

Somewhere along the way L&D stopped always being fun. I’m at work trying to make sure my deliveries are safe or that I’m as prepared as I can be so everyone survives. If not that, I’m trying to make sure the scads of paperwork and charting I have to do is all properly completed. The tedium of the job steals a large amount of the joy. 

I was thinking about how my delivery went as I was double checking my work and I realized I was happy. It sounds silly, but it’s exactly the way I felt. I knew I calmed the patient when she wanted to give up, pulled out some techniques I’d learned over the years, trusted my gut and my patient’s body, bonded with her and her family, got her focused to push, and had a nice and beautiful delivery. 

Aside from my professional happiness that things went well, I was happy that I could be there for them. That clicking with my patient kept spirits up and gave them focus, and that I was there for their special day. 

Let’s face it, L&D losses some of its wonder. Not in that every delivery isn’t special, but that after you’ve personally attended so many in your career it’s more about the work you have to do than the event itself. I was glad to have a moment to remember why I do this. 

I do it for the excitement on mom’s face when she first walks in 

I do it for the moment just before she delivers when she’s scared but trusting me to help guide her. 

I do it for the moment baby is first born and goes tomom’s chest 

I do it for the first cry 

I do it for the moment after delivery, when everyone is all cleaned up, and mom looks at her baby and realizes, “I did it”. 

That’s just some of the whys. There are so many more that I hold on to. 

To more reminders of the joy of L&D 

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