How I know a place 

I’ll do the weekly wrap up in a day or two, but wanted to touch on my favorite thing to do when I go to a new place. 


A place that has plenty of different restaurants makes me happy. 

I like seeing what my options for restaurants are because I love diverse foods. Thai, sushi, Mexican, seafood. I love eating out and do so once a week at least. 

This week in Nantucket is restaurant week. If I’ve said nothing about this place, I’ve mentioned how expensive it is. The restaurants are far higher than main land prices, but most have good to beyond excellent quality food. I jumped at eating at some of the pricier places this week to have an idea of how the rich and famous eat. 

Work and travel have hampered my ability to eat out every day. That and money because $45 a pop is not something I should spend multiple meals in a row. 

Here are pictures from The Pearl, one of nicest/priciest places on island. 



  Tuna “pizza”

  Crusted grey sole

  Madame butterfly 

 (Cookies and milk)

While eating here more than once would be nice, I know normal folk can’t spend $30 on a burger and fries. Well, I can’t. 

But enjoying the restaurants on a week when prices are reasonable and I can sample what they offer? Yes! 

If you’d like to follow my eating adventures, I’m on Yelp:

People travel to a new place and find their own way of exploring. While eating isn’t the only way I do it (sightseeing/driving around/tours), it is my favorite. Ask my waist line! 

Here’s to my fellow gastronomes and all the ways we travelers explore

Travel on, road warrior. 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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