Temp Ack Girl: Week 7

I’m trying to prep for a quick overnight stay on the vineyard tonight. I’m also trying to sort through the crap I’ve amassed in 7 weeks to start packing to head home. 

One week left!! 

If you can believe it, I have nothing pressing to talk about. There are plenty of topics, staff dynamics being one, but that’s something I need to wait a few weeks for. 

There is something plaguing me though. Nerves 

I’m getting nervous about Worcester. Most of it is a worry that I didn’t pick the right place. What am I walking in to? They typically have 4 RNs on nights, but is that adequate for the acuity of the patients? Am I going to click with the staff? Are they going to resent me for the money I supposedly make and dump on me? Is it going to be unsafe? Will i be competent and confident enough to survive 13 weeks?

Those questions and more. 

Starting a new place always makes me a little worried and nervous. I won’t know if I picked well until I get there. I know I can’t let the worry stop me, but it’s there all the same. 

But I can survive almost anything for 13 weeks. It always goes fast and the nervousness always dissipates. Give me a month and I’m sure I’ll be okay. 

On to the next assignment! 

Travel on, road warrior 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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