I will not be unpacking 

Well, I’m here. 

Here as in Worcester, MA. After a trip up through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, I found my way to my apartment and am set to explore. 

Except I can’t unpack yet.

See, I’ve had something sprung on me I wasn’t expecting. A Pass/Fail test 8am Monday morning. What do I mean by that? I have to take a tele test as soon as I walk through the door of the hospital on my first day of orientation. If I pass the telemetry test with an 84%, they’ll lead me downstairs to HR and I start orientation. If I fail, my contract is canceled on the spot and I’m up the creek without a paddle. 

No big deal except I don’t do telemetry. I haven’t taken ACLS in over a year and reading cardiac strips isn’t something I do with any regularity. Oh, I can recognize the sinus rhythms and some really ominous ones, but that’s it. If it looks funky, I call the doc. 

But with the threat of failing looming over me, I refuse to unpack. I mean, nothing in the dressers, closets, cabinets, fridge. I’m not buying groceries or doing much exploring of the area. Shoot, I haven’t fully unpacked my car yet! 

My recruiter let me know last week and emailed some study materials the hospital sent over. I’ve been studying all week, but I’m almost depressed from the anxiety. 

This is my first brush with a “pass or we terminate your contract”. Honestly if I’d have known, I WOULDN’T HAVE COME HERE. 

Pass/fail tests are only good if I’m sitting for my boards or in nursing school. My ability to take them in order to work somewhere doesn’t demonstrate my ability to delivery high quality care. I take far too many tests as a traveler already, adding pass/fail ones to the mix is just frustrating. 

While it’s not the dreaded PBDS test most travelers dread, I don’t like the pressure or the anxiety it’s causing. Frankly it’s setting a poor tone. 

If I fail? Well, it’s easy to repack my car and drive back down 91. My recruiter will have to find me something else. If I pass? I’ll just be on my toes for what other surprises this place will throw at me. 

I guess we’ll see what the next move will be. 


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