Not Boston: Week 1

End of week 1: I passed that terrible telemetry test and my absolute dread over cardiac stuff has downgraded to simple dislike. A certain level of comfort exists related to reading a strip, which will help because I’m due for ACLS early next year. I’ve suffered through a blessedly short hospital orientation because my arrival fell during their second shorter orientation of the month. 

After two 8 hour shifts on the floor, I’m working my way to an impression of this place. Aside from my joy that the medical center has a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts… 

They do on par with the number of deliveries I’ve grown used to in my travels. I stick to places around 150-250 deliveries a month. Haven’t quite worked up the courage to tackle huge L&D departments like The Brigham’s that do 700-800 a month (baby factory). 

I noticed my usual anxiety over being new and having to hit the ground running isn’t there. I still get a little nervous because I still scramble to know all the hospital specific policies and procedures, but I go in to this situation with the knowledge that I have (9 years of nursing experience, 8 years LDRP specific experience, 2 years of get-up-and-go in the form of travel experience) a skill set that can allow me to do my job anywhere. I ask the right questions so I can do it alone as quickly as possible. That and I think that tele test used up all my readily available anxiety in one shot. 

Their staffing is done in 8 hour shifts other than the travelers. Fine by me because I love only working 3 shifts. 12 hours is egregiously long to be there, but it cuts the days I’m there way down. They have 6 RNs on days and evenings, and 4 on nights. 

I was hired for nights though they told me when I interviewed they had needs on all shifts. I’m here and the need is greater on days so I’m working days for a bit. No big. 

For the first time in a while, I have a chance to be a possible resource because they are changing over to equipment I’m already familiar with from previous assignments. They are coming from an old way of doing certain things and it’s interesting to be present and have my view point purposely sought out. 

Everyone is welcoming and they have their issues I feel will irritate me, but no one has treated me like I’m there to take their job. I’m always curious how my perception will change as I go along on an assignment. What personalities or situations will dig under my skin? We’ll see. 

As for the physical area itself? Well, it’s not Nantucket, Ventura, or Boston. I’m not walking distance to a beach, and some parts are a little… Historic. The city itself will take some getting used to, but I have a feeling I’ll acclimate just fine. I mean, I already found my dedicated Starbucks and Chipotle! 

Week one down and keeping my eyes peeled and taking it all in. Everything adds to my skill set and knowledge base. Every person has something to teach me. So far I’ve learned never go places with mandatory pass/fail testing. 


Travel on, road warrior 


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