Not Boston: week 4

End of another week. 

I landed a schedule working multiple days in a row (something I hate), but that gives me multiple days off (which I love). I’m currently halfway through my 6 days off. It’s insane how fast days off go compared to days at work. 

I’ll just update you on my general welfare as I’m at a loss for what to discuss in particular. Well… That’s not totally true. There’s a topic I’d like to introduce, but I’ll wait until it’s a little better formed. 

After my post about not doing so well spiritually, a good friend contacted me and extended the offer to talk once a week. I’m glad she offered because do I need the fellowship. 

It’s more than just “discussing the bible”. There’s a depth to every relationship and that exists in one with a spiritual focus. We discuss our lives. Work, kids, what’s going on in general. 

Being able to discuss openly, gain understanding, and take a serious look at the church’s role and response to current issues has been so refreshing. I’ve gotten off the phone feeling more renewed than I have in a long time. 

Am I back where I was? No, there are a lot of things to work out, but I don’t feel trapped and overwhelmed. In relation to “getting back to where I was,” I don’t think that’ll ever be possible. Moving forward is always taking every part of the journey in allow God to integrate it, right? I’m hoping to look back and see how all the pieces fit. 

I’ll keep walking. 

Travel on, road warrior. 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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