Attitude is everything 

Almost to the halfway point here and I’m puttering along. My birthday is Thursday! 

Sometimes I can tell instantly if a place isn’t somewhere I want to be long term. I’m transient, but I still have places I like and wouldn’t mind returning to if I ever circled back. It’s the vibe of a place that makes a difference. I like places where I click with the staff easily and where even at the busiest everyone moves as a unit. 

It’s not been bad here. Everyone has been nice and asking if I’ll change my mind about staying. I’ve not been dumped on or taken advantage off, but I’m eager to go. 

It stems from the vibe. In an area where estrogen swirls thick, I expect some griping. Here, there’s too much talking about one another, too much smiling in your face. When you’re short in every area, keeping the workplace civil is important. Not so good at it here. 

Disorganization bothers me in obstetrics. Too many groups and doctors constantly sending over people makes the floor needlessly chaotic. This place lacks a dedicated triage area which uses up your regular beds. The bad part is they have a room, but it’s not set up which makes it useless. I’m an advocate for a triage nurse because it frees people up to focus on the labors or inpatients they have. 

My ideal labor floor would have a charge nurse, a triage nurse, and 3-5 floor nurses for the labors depending on census. The charge nurse doesn’t take patients but helps if census gets crazy, triage only does triage with help if things get crazy. 

But this post is about attitude. 

I had a black cloud over my head yesterday. This place has moments that bring out the mean. Had a patient I didn’t really want and it was feeling some type of way about it. It took me a while to turn things around. I tend to need a reminder to be positive for the patient, but boy is it hard. 

I guess this isn’t really a post about having a positive attitude, is it? I’m hoping you weren’t coming for advice. 

If anything, I demonstrate how hard it is to keep a positive spin on things. But if nothing else, I can be what the patient needs to get through their delivery. It’s their special day and I’ll channel Mary Poppins to make sure they get it. 

I’ll be Oscar the grouch after. 

Travel on, Road Warrior 


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