Not Boston: “You’ll make them look bad”

5 weeks left! 

I find I work hard when I’m some place. I want to represent myself and fellow travelers well during my assignment because I don’t want to be that traveler that made everyone look bad. 

I have particular habits that I’ve picked up as I’ve gone along. Stripping my own room following deliveries, cleaning my monitors, helping clean other rooms when they’re empty, restocking once they’re clean. 

I value my PCA/scrub techs/aides, plus I’m just ascapable of doing those things as anyone else if I’m not busy. The expectation at some places is the RN does it anyway so why would I sit around and wait for someone else to do it? 

Recently, one of the secretaries/aides told me I better be careful or I’d make the other nurses look bad. I kind of laughed because I’m not out to shame others into doing work, I’m just trying to keep my personal game on point. Traveler has to work just a little bit harder, leave ’em wantin’ more! Lol. 

Truthfully, I value other people’s time and hardwork, and want to let even my ancillary staff know I’ll work beside them during a busy shift. If I can take the load off someone else, I’ll jump in. I’ve had some excellent techs who have saved my hind quarters so I’ll always pay that kindness forward. 

I’ve been asked if I’d be willing to stay (no) and if I’d come back (maybe). I haven’t had a difficult time here. If nothing else, I’ve found  my knowledge/skills have been used and appreciated here. But it’s almost time to move on and boy am I ready.  

Speaking of moving on…

I know where I’m going! I finally found something that will allow me to be off for Christmas and have me back in time to get my hours in for both quarters at UHC. 

I’m headed to Burlingame, CA. It’s 10 mins outside of San Francisco. They’re busy and short staffed so it will be a challenge, but I feel surprisingly confident in how this will go. I’ll be wintering there as well, returning after Christmas for 13 more weeks. 

So just when I was starting to get anxious, the job popped up. Time to finish strong here (without alienating anyone or exhausting myself) then off to something new and exciting. 

Travel on, road warrior. 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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