CC for manager 


I have no desire to be manager. So before that little germ manifest, let me exterminate it. 

Two more weeks! Had a change with my next contract so I’m starting a little later, which means i can knock out floor orientation before I head west. So it works out well. 

To my topic for the end of this week… 

Good managers are difficult to come by. No matter what the area and especially in nursing, managers fall into this sticky mess of politics/budgets/pressures that would make most people cry. It’s why my masters is in nursing education instead of nursing administration. (Because I’m not crazy. Well, I taught so I guess I am). Middle management in nursing is a hard thing to do. 

Here’s how it goes: you either please your employees or you please the upper management. It’s hard to do both. 

You hear more about the bad managers than the good, I know that, but it’s frustrating being under someone who obviously has no talent for it (even if they have the degree). 

If you please your employees, you do things like come in when they need you at 3am whether you worked yesterday or not. You discipline the person causing problems on the floor instead of writing nasty-grams to the whole unit when you KNOW it won’t change the behavior of the person involved. You fight when doctors treat your nurses terribly. You comb through the budget and find a way to hire more people instead of letting your nurses drown. 

Listen, I know being a manager is difficult. I’ve supervised… I’ve taught… I’ve been a nurse for 9 years… People are dumb. I won’t pretend to understand the headache and the push/pull of it all. I won’t ever be a manager because I know being in the middle is awful. It’s meetings, evaluations, budgets, guiding, satisfying, directing, and you end up not pleasing someone. It’s a lot of things I don’t get and don’t want to.


If you don’t have good interpersonal skills to speak with your staff

If you can’t back them up when they need you

If you can’t say what needs to be said

If it’s about looking good/making money instead of running a smooth floor

You probably should think about doing something else. 

Here’s to the good ones I’ve had! You’re A+. Raise a glass to all the good managers you’ve had, for they are rare indeed. 

Travel on! 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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