Solo traveler

I must be a little more nervous about starting back to my home hospital on the floor. I was having nightmares about it last night. 😳

I find traveling to be both exciting and disconcerting at times.

A single female in a new city alone for 3 months? That takes guts and a full can of pepper spray.

Back to the exciting part…

Traveling, to me, is the best way to see and immerse yourself in the unknown. Every place you visit on assignment has the potential to be the place you decide to settle down for good.

So how can you enjoy a new city in a safe way? You don’t need to be cloistered in your house and there’s more to traveling than just working all day. Or sleeping when you’re not working.

At least one great site to check to discover what’s going on in your city is Meetup. I confess to under-utilizing this site, but I have taken advantage of this so I know it’s legit.

Meetup gives you the opportunity to enter your interests, as diverse as they may be, and find groups in the immediate area that are doing activities you might enjoy.

You like sewing? The Super Sewing group meets every Thursday at the knitting shop just down the street. Join up and any time you have off hit that up! It allows you to find commonality with a group of people while engaging in something you enjoy. If you’re shy, it takes the pressure of finding friends on your own in a new city off.

Contrary to what most believe, I’m not the chattiest person which can make new cities daunting. Actually, after I got off orientation on OB and finally relaxed a bit, another nurse told me she wasn’t sure at first that I’d fit in. Traveling has helped me be a little more open.

I’ve learned to go out and explore alone, eat alone, make new friends. I’ve also learned the merits of being alone, too. Solo travel doesn’t have to be lonely. You learn a high level of independence and happiness from striking out on your own. It can be incredibly enriching.

Come home between assignments if you get homesick, but remember this gypsy life is what you make it. Learn something new about yourself and keep learning.

On to the next new adventure!

Travel on, road warrior.


Traveling, too? Comment away

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