People Either Love This Or…

So far, this place has had the best hospital orientation set-up.

1 eight hour computer training day
1 eight hour, paired down, not as painful hospital orientation day
1 (length of day indeterminate) but paid, computer module day

Geared specifically to travelers with the understanding that we only need to know the components of the hospital that are different from other places we’ve worked. Condensed and a little more bearable. We have focused tasks required for filing and no extra. I’m over here like, “look at you being mindful of my time.” 

Boring, because… Orientation… But better. 

After 3 weeks of orientation, I’ve learned a few things. 

  1. People either love OB or they hate it 
  2. Those who don’t work OB don’t understand it 
  3. Educators for hospitals without OB experience don’t have the slightest idea how to educate us department specific. 

Conversations go like this “Oh, you’re our one OB person orienting. So, half of this doesn’t apply to you. The narrow bit that does, you’ll have to go over on your unit. I hate anything dealing with the uterus.” 

Most hospital educators come predominantly from critical care units. ICU seems to be top place. We play in different areas. 

I tend to smile and say I understand, it’s not for everyone, someone on the floor will show me. 

We deal in two people at once, we deal in blood/puke/poop/amniotic fluid/and weird smells, stitches, placentas, socioeconomic oddness. 

Specialties are special for a reason. I’m not an ICU, ER, or Med surg nurse for a reason. I like the challenge, satisfaction, and knowledge that comes from obstetrics. I know enough with my medical knowledge to do those other things, but… No thanks. 

After so many orientation, I’m still left with the knowledge that most people don’t like or get OB. Our nurses (when satisfied) stay for the longest and suffer from lower turnover rates. We deal in happiness so in the past the chance to train fresh blood came around infrequently. With the upturn in the economy and easier access to insurance that allows choice in where you deliver, the need for LDRP trained nurses is through the roof. That’s on top of the usually need for a traveler (FMLA, lots of vacations, maternity level coverage).

More lone OB nurse hospital orientations for me in the future then, huh? That’s cool, I can handle it. 

I love OB! 

Travel on, road warrior 


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