California dreaming 

Nearly 3 weeks in and I’m just now getting around to reporting back on my happenings. 

This place is a 30 bed LDRP floor that’s not quite run like an LDRP floor. It’s actually almost too big to function as an LDRP. But patients do remain in the room they deliver on. They just seem to switch assignments up which, to me, messes with continuity of care. 

The travelers present on the floor seem to be a long term group. Some have been here since May and want to remain. I’d say that sounds crazy, but I’ve managed to extend at least one place long term so I get it. 

What makes travelers stay long term some place? I ask because part of me feels you stop being a traveler when you camp out at one hospital. Why not just *shudder* go on staff? Afterwhile you’re in the thick of the drama on the floor and I’m just not about that  life. 

It seems here the answer is money. They have a need for travelers. When there’s a need, hospitals pay big money. As far as I can tell, it’s a decent enough place to work, but I’m only two solo shifts in so I’m reserving judgement until a little later. 

There’s whispers of travelers not being totally welcomed related to the differences in hours. Contractually, the perm staff only works 8 hour shifts, something that’s better for safety, but means they work more often. Travelers work 12 hours, which can cause issues with perm staff if they’d rather not be tied to the hospital 4-5 days a week. 

I’ve never worked someplace where staff has been unfriendly, and so far everyone has been pleasant. So something else I’ll reserve judgement on. 

The area itself is amazing. My first weekend here I went to a bacon and brew festival and an art festival. I’ve gone into San Francisco a ton and sampled some truly amazing restaurants. The opportunity to meet people and do things is plentiful. If I wasn’t so antsy, this is another area I’d consider staying.

I’ll try to get back to posting with more regularity and more substance. If you’re in the area, feel free to visit. I’d gladly go check out the Golden Gate Bridge with you. 

Travel on, road warrior 


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