Closer to a break

Hello out there from south San Francisco. 

I’ve been reluctant to write anything hence the relative silence, but I figured an update was in order if for no other reason than to say I’m doing peachy. 

The resolution of the situation went something like this: I emailed both my recruiter and the floor manager, waited four or five days steeped in anxiety, finally spoke with the manager after work, and ended up having her say not to worry about it. 😐

Her comment was they seem to be very hard on travelers on the floor (no joke), that they take a far more punitive approach than anywhere she’s worked in the past, and the department has its own issues. She suggested I speak with the person who lodged the complaint. Honestly I can’t bring myself to do that, but perhaps I’ll work up the desire at some point. 

One thing she did say that I’m holding on to and wanted to pass along to everyone is this. 

“Don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t do your craft/passion.”

Those words… They stuck with me. I’ve been mulling them over the last few days. The anxiety of feeling like I have to watch my back at work has been messing with my mind. Travelers are getting fired or are breaking their contract because of the atmosphere has had me on edge. But something about those words have given me hope. 

I’ve been doing this for long enough that it is my craft or something I’m good at. I don’t know everything there is to know about labor and delivery, but after nearly a decade, I’m no novice. That knowledge is a comfort. We as travelers bring a lot of knowledge to the travel game and that’s important. If this place doesn’t want my knowledge, there’s other places that will take it. I’ll finish here in March and then go somewhere else to offer my help, but I can’t let one trying assignment halt my abilities. 

So here’s my take away: every place has rules and I have to play by them, but I don’t have to let anyone make me feel like I don’t know my stuff. 

First contract is up in 17 days (8 shifts remaining) and I’m sooo ready for a few weeks off. I’ll be out enjoying the area and I’ll muddle my way through work. Then I’ll head home for the holidays and make my way back here to finish strong. 

I’ll survive and come out a little stronger at the end. It’s the way of things for this travel nurse. As is the way for all travel nurses. 

So I do what I do best…

Travel on 


2 thoughts on “Closer to a break

  1. Do they HAVE to have travelers? Why are they so hard on you? It’s not the type of situation where you would take anyone’s job away there.


    • This is a busy season for them so in theory they do need the help, but they act like the travelers are imposing. I’m honestly not sure what the deal is and I don’t want to know. I’m adopting a head down approach. I won’t give them a reason to fire me and I won’t quit


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