An update of sorts

Well, the first 8 weeks ended and I am so glad to be starting vacation. 

It was tougher than I thought it would be, but everything is a learning experience. I will be returning at the end of the month because I have no reason not to. I’m clinging to the saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

I was thinking about the things I’ve learned in the last year of traveling and here’s what stucks out. 

  1. No place is perfect. No matter what there are personalities and politics that make every place trying to work at 
  2. Attitude is everything. I can’t make everyone love me, but I can check my attitude and try putting forth my best. 
  3. Fake it until you make it. No need to explain this point. 
  4. Orientation can’t tell you how a floor will be. If I went by how my orientation at this place, I would’ve believed this assignment was set to be my best. 
  5. There is good in every crappy instant. 
  6. For a traveler, the end is always coming. 13 weeks, 8 weeks, 26 weeks. Doesn’t matter, we aren’t permanent. We can leave the crazy politics, personalities, and poor assignments. There is an end. 

So we’ll see if I actually end up back there. I’ll work hard if I do end up there and save money for a rainy day. If they cancel me, there are other places that need a traveler. 

And just to remind everyone: I am there to help. Not to take your crappiest assignment or be dumped on, but to bolster the thin staff and fill the gaps in. Not to take your job or your money, just to help. 

I start my 6 day sea-sailing adventure today on which I will be doing as little as possible and not thinking about work. Picture blue seas and me eating two appetizers every night. All will be right in my world. 

Travel on, road warrior 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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