End of the year reflection 

I’m set to potentially work a 16 hour shift this afternoon into the next day plus I work New Year’s Day night. Happy New Years to me, right? Nothing like spending the end of the year and the beginning of the next at work. 

But I’m in decent spirits. Every shift ends just like every year ends. Days pass quickly so that even the difficult ones are forgotten after a while. So no matter how trying, it’ll pass. 

 I was reflecting on how the year has gone as a traveler. I’ve worked at 4 hospitals (5 if I count starting back per diem at home), I’ve driven back cross country with my family, I’ve taken up a language, I’ve learned a lot about how to navigate the travel world a little better, and I’ve learned that I can be a resource. I’m becoming more well rounded I hope. 

Traveling for a living isn’t easy. I’m recovering from a housing snafu just before I returned for my current contract. While frustrating, it wasn’t overwhelming like it could’ve been. I’m getting better at rolling with it. I can’t say I would’ve been so calm last year. 

The biggest thing is I still love what I do. Bedside nursing isn’t fun by any stretch of the imagination and traveling doesn’t change that at all. If anything, I love traveling for the continued freedom I maintain. I can do my job and know it’ll be a fresh, new experience in 13 weeks. If these sets of docs are unbearable, I’ll wait and get a new set to try. I’m not tied to a place and the idea of change has become more comfortable than the familiar. 

So, how will 2016, year 10 of my nursing career and year 3 of my traveling career, be? I can’t say I know, but I’m working to add a few important things to my life. Spiritual, physical, and emotional improvement. I guess we’ll see. 

Happy New Years and travel on, road warrior. 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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