It’s woman’s work 

Ending week 3 and I’m coasting here. Not as nervous but not relaxed either. I’m looking at 10 more weeks until I’m home and then we’ll see where I end up. With plans to take 4 weeks off and work at home, it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s next. Well, aside from going to a few local restaurants for upcoming restaurant week. Traveling eater on the move! 

Anyway, my sleep schedule is all out of sorts after working a few nights in a row. Figured I’d post something that’s been brewing in my head. 

Nursing since its inception has been a female dominated profession. I believe only 5-17% of nurses are males (it’s low though I haven’t researched actual numbers in a while). Not because men are incapable of caring but because the need to nurture tends to be a female based ideation. We offer ourselves in this way in everyday life so naturally many gravitate toward a field of this sort. 

It’s almost a source of pride to be one of the few female-centric jobs. I say almost because there are definite cons to it. 

Caution: you are now entering my opinion zone. Reader discretion is advised. 

While it’s a testament to our ability, a field so laden with women has its drawbacks. On a lower level, women can be catty. If there’s an opportunity for drama and attitude, working on a floor with all women will have you steeped in it. So much estrogen can get a little dangerous. And while we nurture our patients, nurses are notorious for crucifying each other. Eating your young and your new, lateral violence, a lack of team work, general nastiness are all things I’ve encountered on floors. How is that a healthy work environment? Like a bunch of rabid dogs, some of these people. 

On a higher level, a large female led profession means we are slow to see similar rights as other jobs. We can’t agree on a single entry level. Diploma? ADN? BSN? Most fields all agree and educate their people at the same level before they start. We can’t boast the same coordination. Add to that how we fail to lobby for our own personal welfare with the swiftness of physicians, we are left being treated as hand maidens (still!) instead of intelligent contributors to the healthcare game. Nurses are let go in droves and disrespected within Union hospitals during contract negotiations. 

And financially? Like teachers, we don’t garner the same level of income for services rendered. Which is a shame considering the level of sacrifice required to do both jobs. 

Being a female centric profession is awesome. I think it’s says a lot about the make up women to want to take on a profession that is so mentally, physically, and emotional difficult at times. It’s a noble profession that is respected, but sometimes it’s a jungle in here. 

Do I wish more men would filter into the field? On one hand, yes because with them comes the lobbying for change we’d need. And they’d cut down on the unnecessary female drama. On the other hand, I love what we do as a leading woman’s profession. We get stuff done as advocates!

We need to rally in order to continue elevating ourselves. Maybe we’ll find that balance someday. 

Continuing on doing very important woman’s work 

Travel on, road warrior. 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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